How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

The SS and You

The SS paid a visit to a livejournaler recently. Proof that you are not safe, and that what you say can bite you in the ass. Now, I don't know what this LJer said, so I'm not going to go leaping to her defense.

Threats against the President are serious matters. Why, I don't know, considering that if an asteroid levelled Washington, we could probably survive without them all- though some asshole would probably try and declare military rule. But I mean seriously, presidents have died before, and it's rarely a big deal in the greater scheme of things, and in fact, often takes a presidency riddled with questionable decisions and keeps us remembering the tragic end.

"Go see a play."

There's more on this over here, where a great many people cry bullshit. I won't make a claim one way or another, other than to say that it certainly is _plausible_, if not factual. Shit like this has happened, so I wouldn't be shocked to find it's true. And people do make shit up, so I wouldn't be surprised to discover that it's false either. However, the moral of the story stays the same- this _could_ happen to you.

In other news, I've been contemplating the principles of t3knomancy, my occult system.

1) Idealism: I'm not talking about flowers, peace signs, and love idealism. I'm talking metaphysical idealism- the world is made of ideas, or to modernize the concept, the world is primarially made of information. Matter can be viewed as data, and the laws of physics are the algorithms that manipulate that data- which itself, is, in turn data, and can also be manipulated.

2) Mutability: Branching from that, t3knomancy holds that the Universe is mutable- that change can be enacted on data, and that those changes can be made around the system rules- ie. the system can be hacked through an act of Will, or, in other parlance, spell casting.

3) Abstraction: How the Universe actually works is less important (unimportant) than the models we can use to describe its behavior. We explain things with models- theories- picking up and discarding theories as needed. In fact, t3knomancy goes the direct opposite of the idea of a Grand Unified Theory of Everything- instead, we create models like a tool box, applying whichever models works for a given situation. In this, t3knomancy borrows from Chaos Magick.

4) Symbology: extending from the abstract framework, symbols play a big role in t3knomancy. Correspondance, links, similarities, can all be used to create symbolic structures- abstract models that can be powered by will and manipulated to bring about changes in other models- macrocosm/microcosm type stuff.

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