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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

I was sooooo well behaved

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

I was sooooo well behaved

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Rippy the Razor
Cate and I went to Sukothai for dinner- mmm mmm Thai food. Go there. However, when you go there, do hope that Ms. I-Read-The-Tibetian-Book-Of-The-Dead-And-Now-Know-Everything-About-All-Spirituality-and-Talk-So-Loud-So-That-You-Can't-Ignore-My-Stupidity (ie. Ms Irttbotdankeaasatslstycims).

Cate was very proud of me, for I didn't say a thing to her, though it pained me to do so. I just sat there, biting my tongue until it bled, not ripping apart her statements, not bashing her skull in with the teapot, nothing.

Now, I know some of you might see this Pot-And-Kettle. After all, Remy is loud. Remy talks as if he's the World's Authority too. Then again, I'm not shoveling malodorous pap, and at least I have the good sense to keep my voice at a reasonable level in tiny restuarants. Most of the time. I'm sorry, but when I hear "Leave it to science to turn it into something so mechanical," spoken with that tone of despair mingled with self-superiority my gorge rises.

At any rate, I did not make a scene. I kept my tongue, and when we went outside, prompty screamed, "Jesus fucking christ! I have just been made dumber!"

It was wittier at the time, but I'm tired now.

In other news, the Big News in Albany this week was the Bum. Some homeless guy was camping out on a park bench, as homeless guys are wont to do, and a group of Bad Racial Stereotype Black Folk decided to start shit with him. This shit that they started turned into a pair of guys beating him with a stick while their little skank whores went across the street to the Mobil station, got a can of gas, and proceeded to torch his shopping cart.

Rule One- Do not fuck with the bums. I don't care how bad they smell, or how loud they talk to the invisible people, the indigent are a special class. They're the ones sitting on park benches in December, they're the ones getting rained on. You don't have to like them, you don't have to give them the time of day, or a couple of quarters (though you should), but you Do. Not. Fuck. With. Them. They've already fallen below society's radar- they don't need you to shove them down further just because they're Just A Bum, and you think you can get away with it.

Fortunately for the bum, this happened right across the street from a popular bar, and he was able to get over to the people outside smoking who called 911. One of the skank whores is in jail. Hopefully the other fucktards follow in not too long.
  • In all fairness, and do not think I'm saying that they were right for beating him, but the rest of the story is as follows:

    He asked some black girls for money. They said no, not so politely, though. He called them "nigger bitches" they screamed at him, got some guy friends, then proceeded to beat him up and torch his stuff. I saw him and the bonfire that was his stuff. I personally missed the earlier events, but found this out later as time progressed.

    They did beat him badly, they cut up his ear pretty bad.

    When asked for some sort of ID the man retrieved a VA ID card... He was a homeless Vietnam Vet.

    Not saying he was right to call them nigger bitches, and they weren't right to beat him up. Only point here to the rest of the story, is violence and hatred beget violence and hatred.

    A friend of mine who has plenty of money to spare gave him $40, meger, but probably enough to help him replace his belongings. He was attended by another friend of mine who held ice on his wound until paramedics arrived. I called the VA and had them prep his medical records and await his arrival. Overall, a messy situation that shows the bad in people, but also the good in people.

    The next night, he went back to that bar to thank everyone for their help, and people were buying him drinks, and treating him like a human, if only for a little while.
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