How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy


Well, I accomplished one of my goals this evening- I got more than a little tipsy. So much in fact, that even though I stopped drinking hours ago, I'm still getting drunker as we speak. That drinking waaaay too fast thing. Even so, my second goal, namely, getting people to the Fuze Box, failed miserably. Aside from our friend Jeremy, the employees, and friends of said employees, there was _no one there_. I said this in my phone post, but for those of you that didn't listen to it- No. One. Showed.

I see how it is. I am unloved (aside from lothie who said I had a sexy voice- she wins).

I'm going to go now, and let my alcomahol run its course through my poor liver,

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