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How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

My Entrails Want FREEDOM!

So, as it turns out, the RedHat LDAP class I was supposed to be teaching next week is cancelled. All of the RedHat classes actually. Which must be bad news, because that was about six classes at $300 a day, for 4-5 days per class. I've lost a lot of money.

Who fucking cares? I mean, as of late, I've been talking about how much I make, mostly because I'm amazed and pleased that my life isn't a ball of moneyless shit, such that buying a two dollar pack of ramen (the good shit) is an extremely special treat. As of late though, there's been a problem with this level of income.

The fucking stress. The fact that, for weeks now, I've spent almost every day either teaching or studying- and most of the time, both. I've been treading water in classes where I just know enough of the material to get through, and while I've been making money, I haven't had the time or the luxury to do anything with it.

What, I ask, is the point of money if you can't enjoy it? The past week or so, that's been nagging at me you see. All this money, yet no time to enjoy it- and all signs showed that I'd continue not having time to enjoy it, leaving this voice in side wondering, "What's the point?" Why am I going through all this crap?

So, is my string of RedHat classes being cancelled bad news? Not in the least. I have enough money for now, and they have other classes for me to teach. So I'm not going to starve. I've built up a nice little egg such that, even after I send money back to pay people I owe in Kingston (shit, I need stamps), I'm going to have plenty of cash to live on, and comfortably so for a few months.

Now I get to do something else besides slave for New Horizons. Next week, I'm teaching two braindead apps classes ($400 for that whole week, as opposed to $400 for each day) which will be zero stress, zero strain, and keep me in pocket change. Next week is a week off for me, a week where I get to play, try out my bits of recording equipment I've been cobbling together, maybe enjoy that copy of KOTOR that's coming in the mail. Drag out my digital camera and wander the city snapping whatever strikes my fancy and retouching it into the strangeness I prefer.


In celebration of my release from stress, I intend to go out and get more than a little tipsy tonight (read, smashed in the loud, silly way that only Remies get smashed). I'm thinking Fuze Box. If you're reading this, you are invited. If you're in the Albany area, you probably already know where this is. If you plan on flying in from California or something, then email or IM me for directions- though you're on your own for getting into Albany- and I'll buy all your drinks (the offer for free drinks only applies to people travelling 200 miles or more to join us at the Fuze Box tonight).

Then tomorrow, I'm going to spend the day _not_ studying, _not_ reading any technical manuals, _not_ thinking about my class next week, and just have some fucking fun. If you have fun planned that you want me to join in, please, let me know- I'll be available.

ellie, this also means that nothing will keep Cate and I from hanging out with you next week.

:Rock and Roll, I use the Free Time."
"What do you mean you 'use' the Free Time?"
"I swing it around to see if it's magical!"
"You can't tell if Free Time is magical just by swinging it around! It's not a *snort* lightsaber!"
(apologies to the Dead Ale Wives)

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