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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Oh look! A rant!

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Oh look! A rant!

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My Hat!
I apologize to those of you that have no clue what's going on, which is most of you, since my LJ friends are mostly web buddies. But, that said, people have gotten their panties in a twist over something I said, and I fear that it's for the wrong reasons. I wish to correct this so that people's panties can be twisted for the _right_ reasons.

Irene: Contrary to your own personal worldview, it's really not all about you. You barely register on my consciousness. I generally forget to remember that you exist, except when someone brings you to my attention, usually by saying, "Irene was complaining in her journal the other day about..." At which point I ask them, "Why do you read it if all she does is complain?" I have yet to get a satisfactory answer. I would never bother to make such a comment about you because, frankly, I can't be bothered.

Many people do consider me immature, of course, the hilarity of it is, they're often people I say the same things about. At least they have the personal courage to make such accusations and claim them as their own, instead of hiding behind saying "Most people think..."

Missy: Now Missy, you have deduced correctly that it was _you_ that I called a tragic little whore. Not a choice of words I would have used, but I was concurring with another- left to my own devices, the words "skanky" and "bitch" would have probably been included, and really, I probably wouldn't have used whore, because that is an image I don't particularly want in my mind.

Now, I made no comment about Kevin, except to say that if _I_ were him, I would have probably already killed you- which makes no statements as to his homicidal urges. I leave that for you, him, and a butcher knife to figure out. Moving along, you may sleep soundly telling yourself that "I only think I know you" because "you cut all contact", but let's look at your behavior, and see if my accusations are borne out.

Why don't we start with the nice heavy sigh and eye roll combo that you use to greet me whenever I see you. Or that you are rude and tactless enough to participate in a conversation with me and one other person, leaving that one person in the awkward position of actually being in _two_ different conversations at once, since you completely ignore my presence. Or that you specifically request that friends of mine not invite me to places where you will be, regardless of their desires or mine own.

Would "skanky bitch" be uncalled for in that case? Or do I need to add in the fact that we still have common friends, and I get the latest gossip. I don't need to talk to you to see how you behave. Look at it this way- people are more likely to tell _me_ what annoying, bitchy, and childish things you do than they are you.

I agree, you have changed a great deal since I graduated, and from what I can see, it's all for the worst. As for cutting contact, truly cutting contact would involve not going to the places I do, visiting the people I do, etc. As it is, I have more contact with you than I particularly want.

Now, hopefully, everyone is offended for the right reasons. For the rest of the day, to strengthen my Bad Person(tm) reputation, I will be raping babies, drowning kittens, and calling "skanky bitches" "tragic whores", a horrible abuse of languge.

There, now Irene can be pissed at me for the things I said that were _actually_ about her, and Missy can be angry at me... wait, Missy's been angry at me since I had to pry her off my face with a crowbar. Oh, was that uncalled for, or what?

God, that feels good. I haven't gotten a good snark on in waaaaaay too long.

Now, for actual interesting content. This is the last week of WebSphere classes for me, hooray. The advanced admin class is going better than the basic, despite the fact that some asshat put students in the _advanced_ class that had never fucking used websphere before. Even better, they booked me for a four-day class- and today, I discover that it's actually a _five_ day- New Horizons didn't know either! Upshot, I get an extra day at $400 per, bad news, I'm teaching an extra day of this crap. I'm gonna kill someone.
  • You need to relax, and drink margaritas at El Loco, which I believe in on Lark St, not too far from your house. We could bring Cate there Thursday night and enjoy lots of goodness!
    • I certainly won't complain about El Loco's.

      But it really was a quite funny rant. You should have seen some of the reactions it got on IM....
      • Alas, I wish I had! Poke Remy, will you? He's not responded to my email asking what I ought to bring Thursday, if we're still going out.

        • I had to wait to find out what's going on with work. I'm stuck teaching Friday now, which means that I'm gonna have to study Thursday night, and go to bed early. If you still want to hang out for a few hours, that's cool, but I'm totally not going to have time to clean out a space for you to crash or anything.

          ARRRRG! Only one more week of shit classes, then I can do some easy stuff.

          So, how about it? Hang out for a few hours, chill out, but make it not too late? If you want to move to Friday, we can probably go with the original plan, since I am _not_ teaching on Saturday.
          • Alas, the sister comes home for the weekend Friday night. And remember, I do get out at 8:30 now, so late is kinda the name of the game for me.

            I say let's put this off to next week (it sucks to wait another week) so you don't have to worry about teaching!
            • Bah. I guess we'll have to. Remind me to burn NH to the ground at some point. Wait, no, they give me money. Damn.

              Next week it'll still have to be Friday, if that's cool.
              • It's actually the best one could hope for! I can drive home, crash for a few hours and drive back up with my parentals!
  • any body thats mad at you i guess has to be mad at me to since i am your friend and i got your back
  • Dude. I think you've inspired me to do something that's needed to be done for awhile.
  • Dude!!!! Rude, vicious, pointed, cruel........I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Oh Remy, I do adore you. *carefully untwists her panties*
  • ::laughs:: Wow... that was brutal.

    I can sympathize with the "rolled eyes" & deliberate "avoidment" -- I've smiled at Missy only to have her look straight at me, stick her nose in the air, and walk in a different direction. To be honest, I'm not sure I understand her strong resentment against me. There are several people of which I am not fond, however, I was always taught to be civil and polite to everyone.

    I also have trouble understanding asking someone to not invite you somewhere. It makes it seem more like you're former sigoths than former friends. That level of discomfort around another is typically reserved for exs. Even so, barring it being a recent breakup or a really terrible history, I think it's really odd to *insist* that people not invite something to which you plan on attending. I've *never* asked people to not invite you to something at which I would be, or, avoided something at which I knew you would be.

    ::shakes head::

    On an unrelated note, I've been meaning to talk to you, but, I have not had the chance. I'll probably send you an email if I have the time to write it.
    • Time? What's that? Except for something I try and use to make class go faster. Blarg- let me put it this way, I meant to add you to my friends page, but seeing as I don't read it much anymore, I haven't bothered.
  • Mmmm. More reason to stay away from Dennys for a while. Or is that... more reason to GO?
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