How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

As you go to the polls in a few weeks...

... remember this. Check those links closely- they're part of an ever growing list of fuckups, screwups, and asshole manipulations to hijack this election, and it's not just Republicans playing dirty pool.

This is another reason that I'm voting for Badnick. The two parties, the Demopublicans and the Republocrats, have been in power too long, and are starting to show their age in the form of graft and corruption. Both of them have shown that they care more for winning the election than the Republic.

There is no excuse for this behavior. We, as a people, should not accept the wholesale tampering and manipulation of our primary voice. We will stand up and we will be heard. We will not let ACORN or Diebold control our voice.

Remember, that violence is not the last argument of Kings. We have no Kings in America. All of the rights of Kings and Nobles, instead, default to the citizens.

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