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Oh yeah.

Other stuff. Saw Beth toniight. To make the long beth story short (I've got about 24kb of other journals mostly about her), I met her at the LAST RPI player's party. (That's the RPI drama club and no- I don't go to RPI). So anyway, I meet this really cool chick, we hit it right off. Lots of fun, lots of joy, and hey- she invites me back to her dorm (she DOES go to RPI)... she invites me back to her dorm to meet her boyfriend.

Suck. But of course, at this point I was hooked. I stuck to this girl through her boyfriend being a bit of a dick, through thier breakup, through her grandmother's death, I was perpetually there for her. I'd do really stupid shit for her too. Like it'd be two AM and I had class at 10, but she wanted to visit. So of course, I'd invite her over.

Till tonight, the last time I saw her was the day she arrived back to RPI from her spring break. I was her only friend about and she was really lonely. So I visited of course. We had a great time. Ended up sleeping together (literally... just sleeping) and cuddling most of the night. I go home in a good mood.

In the next week we have one three word conversation that is less than amiacble.

After that.. nada. I IMed her a few times. I think I sent an email, but nothing. No response.

Tonight we exchanged a few words. I was spacy and depressed, and she was... I don't know what. Just further bleh in a bleh story of mine.

Sometimes otherwise cool people can ruin alot of good stuff through a few really nasty traits.

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