How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

The adventure

Well, as it turns out, I do have the ability to get online from the hotel room. w00t. So now, I get to share with you the adventure I had getting here today.

See, I managed to wrap class up at like 1:30. Which is plenty of time to grab a cab, get home, feed and water the cats with lots and lots extra, as well as setting up a new litter bin to make sure that they have some clean litter no matter what happens. Except, Tas grabs me at like 1:20, while I'm wrapping up class, and tells me not to leave right away- he needs my help with the linux class that's running next week. Except he runs off to lunch, and doesn't come back until after 2:00. We walk into the room, and discover a crowd- a prospective instructor is about to start his test teach.

I hate that bastard. He stole precious minutes of my life that I am never going to get back. It was the most boring thing I have ever experienced. Suffice to say, he's not getting the job.

Okay, so I suffer through that, make some snide remarks about him, and walk Tas through what he needs for setting up next week- it's so weird that he knows so little about linux. At any rate, I call for a cab at 2:30, and it doesn't show up till 3:00. Then, we pick up the ancient guy with the arm in a cast and the fat smelly blind woman, drop the woman off at a Price Chopper, drop the fossil at a hospital (the same one I got my stitches in my head in college).


Now, I get home at about 3:30ish, get out of the cab, and there Cate's sitting with all of our stuff. "Hold the cab!" So, instead of doing the final checkthrough I had planned, we run off. This of course means that a whole bunch of crap was forgotten, like that copy of The Dark Tower that I was hoping to have to keep me company through the five hours of bus ride.

At any rate, fast forward through five hours of fairly uninteresting bus ride, aside from Cate and I doing a good Samaratian thing and giving a random stranger bus fare to New Hampshire so he could see his sick brother (I normally would assume that was a scam, but he didn't tell us about his brother until _after_ we had given him the money).

We get off at the Plymouth bus stop. Not station. Stop. Behind a McDonalds. Off the side of a highway. We don't know which highway.

Cue Cate's panic attack. I, on the other hand, shrug, and say to myself, "We've got enough money to get ourselves out of this, no matter where we are."

Sarah and Dennis were theoretically going to meet us at the stop, but since we didn't know where it was, and didn't think it'd be easy for them to find, we decided to not count on them showing up. Fortunately, a quick runthrough of the phone book finds us the most friendly cab company in history, and we get to the hotel.

Which has Internet. I'm tired. Okay, I love you, goodbye.

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