How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Reply to Dr. Azbek Halfgood

Yesterday, my esteemed colleague offered the expideient of killing children as opposed to abusing them, which certainly has merits. However, upon examination of the concept, I have found that the modern Liberal/Feminist movement of America offers us a good solution to this problem.

Under the name of "reproductive rights", we are offered the solution of abortion. Why consume resources by feeding and clothing a child that will most likely be killed anyway? Let us cut the problem off at the source, and simply make abortion a mandatory procedure, or perhaps we could engage in a mass sterilization? A paper I recently published in World Domination Journal, a peer-reviewed clearinghouse for plans involving scientific hegmony, I described a retro-virus that could be released into a population, rendering them all sterile. This solution would be simple to apply in this case.

A few detractors have contacted me in regards to the fact that this would cause the human race to become extinct, which shows their lack of knowledge of the realms of science I, and my readers, are exploring, so I often offer these few solutions:

1) Cybernetic immortals
2) Vat-grown adults
3) Child "farms", wherin they can be herded and tended as is appropriate to their mental development (this could concievably be based off of the Public School System).

What is important is minimizing the impact that youth can have on society, as well as the aforementioned Lamarkian risks.

Dr. Zotak Heelbottom, PhD, RPQ, NET, LFM, DDS, BhRQDq

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