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This bodes well...

... setting up the websphere server and clients for next week now, so that I can take it home and prep. It's going pretty easy- I think this might very well be a good sign. I'm feeling a great deal less trepidacious about this class.

And shit man, I'm loving my iBook- her name is Gwynydd, and contrary to popular belief, she won't be all decorated with sharpie- it'll rub right off; the plastic's to slick.

I want to go to bed. I haven't gotten more than five hours of sleep a night this week, which one five hour night- not so bad- two five hour nights is livable, but _five_ five hour nights just makes you feel tired and cranky.

By the by, I haven't really been following my friends page too closley, and probably won't be following it too closely for the next two weeks either- I'll try to keep up on the RPGs I'm in, since people are kinda depending on me there, but if there's anything you want to tell me specifically, look for me on AIM or send me an email or something.

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