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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Ooh look! Info!

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

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Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Ooh look! Info!

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My Hat!
The first cool and amusing thing I've found today is this: soon, you'll be able to bet your house on an Asteroids game, okay, not so much, but in Vegas, they're turning classic Atari games into slot machines. That's pretty fucking cool... and I have to wonder if there will be any rolled out when we go to Vegas this winter for a wedding.

Now, in the MMORPG world, someone put together an area for SecondLife that simulates schizophrenia. Something I would like to explore, but I'm not about to get an account just so I can visit that, and the Wizard of Oz theme park that someone else built.

Finally, enjoy a new Bush campaign ad.

In other news, Network has crested 15k words, at least according to wc, so the real world count is probably lower, because I don't _think_ wc discards things like "The". At any rate, the story has been taking over my life; I think about it all the time, and have spent waaaay too much time adding to it.

It's already too big to post here, but if anyone wants to volunteer to critique it, so's that I can go from really-rough-first-draft to readable-second-draft, that would be sweet.
  • Slam me with it. I need something to do this weekend.
  • You know I'd love to read it, dear! If you've got more done, do send it my way- just be patient with me for a while here, heh... ; )
  • cat yourfile.txt | grep -Pvo "(?:a|the)" | wc -w

    Append words you want to omit into the RegEx.

    My other suggestion is to write a quicky Perl script to count the words. You can count the syllables using Lingua::EN::Syllable.
    • Mmmm... command line mojo. I like the syllable thing- that looks smart, I may play with that.

      Apparently the editorial way of counting it is counting the letters in five or six lines, finding the average, and multiplying by the number of lines, divide by six- the average number of charachters per word, discarding punctuation.

      It's a simple, soluble problem, I just haven't gotten around to it. My next perl script task is one that will query a few system monitoring utilites, disk space, average CPU usage across a time period, and the like, and export it as an RSS or Atom file, allowing sysadmins to track quotas and such through a news aggregator.
      • I don't know about the monitoring utilities, but the RSS/Atom stuff is already on CPAN (has been forever).

        Shit, while you're at it, you could have it IM them with warnings and pitch daily summary emails.

        Perl is the shit.
        • Yeah, I was planning to pull those down off of CPAN- for the monitoring utilities, between /proc and command line utils like du it's just a matter of writing a few quick regex parsers to pull the information from those datasources.

          Best part is, I don't even have to be terribly effecient about it- it's the sort of thing that you only run _tops_ every twenty-minutes or so, so even if it gobbles resources- so long as it frees them during its downtime, no one will care.

          The IMing feature and summary mails are a great idea- and it gives me more reason to use an XML based config file.
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