How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Right-O then... I are t3h backz0rs or something.

Alright, this weekend was Hunter's Moon, an SCA camping event which celebrated the first anniversary of the birth of House squirrelfoyle. This event was a ball. Hunter's Moon is always one of my favorites- it's a nice site, surprisingly well wooded considering that it's in the middle of East Greenbush down the street from a Wal-Mart.

At any rate, I brought Merc, my violin, and had it out to play most of the weekend. That was most of what my weekend consisted of, and I certainly wasn't complaining about it- I got to hang out with a lady named (in the SCA anyway) Lorewynn or something spelled like that, and her sigoth Galen (again, his SCA name). She's a professional musician, he sells period (and not period) games at events. So, I jammed with her, and other musicians as they came and went, including canissum, and Kevin. At some point or another, there was a grand total of five fiddle players at the site.

At any rate, I showed up for the bardic circle, which was further jamming, storytelling, and just general fun.

This all leads up to everyone wanting to make sure I show up at Celdih- the bardic event, with my violin of course, and it also leads to Toki, one of the more experienced bards in the area, stopping by to see me before he left- and explaining a tradition among the bards in the area- when they see a new bard that they like, they give him a coin. So I've got a shiny silver coin that was struck in Norseland this year, sitting in my case, right next to the first dollar I ever made busking.

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