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Emo is a much maligned- and rightly so- genre. So much of Emo is utter crap; it starts looking like upper-class white goths without the committment.

However, one has to give due respect to Conner Oberst, who started recording when he was sixteen, and I believe he's about twenty-two now? Something like that. The project he did the most under was Bright Eyes.

Emo he may be, but musical adept he is as well. His lyrics are poetic- and not in that sappy "I'm in highschool but am an aspiring poet" sort of way. The man has really got a good grasp of metaphor. The musical quality, while thinly instrumented, usually just voice, guitar and maybe some percussion, is tuneful and well balanced.

Emo may be fake emotion, but there's nothing fake about Bright Eyes.

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