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How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Stupidity at Large and other Headlines

A new mall in Cincinatti has established some rules to "ensure a safe shopping experience". Having a baseball cap on sideways violates the dress code. Coming in a group larger than three will get you broken up and escorted out.

Stupid mall rules always gets me. See, it's technically private property, so they have the right to make any rules they want- so long as they're fair and not racially applied or whatnot. However, the mall is also the last Commons in most of America. The mall is the last place where groups of people can gather and socialize. When I go to a mall, I'm not really cognizant of the fact that someone _owns_ this property- I'm perfectly happy of thinking of the stores as the private domain of the storeowners, but in my mind, there's not the same connection with the mall owners, not on an instinctive level.

Moving along. Red pens are t3h suxxors, because they encourage a "negative approach" when used to mark a student's work. Might this be because they're used to point out what's _wrong_ with a student's work, so that the student can improve?

After months and months and months, Bush admits that the administration's predictions for a post-war Iraq may have been a "miscalculation". It's okay though, the US is "adjusting", which I think means keeping the press away from the corpses.

Speaking of "miscalculations", economic sanctions against fluid, decentralized trans-national organizations like Al-Qaeda don't work. *gasp* Really?

The best for last:

Now, back in high school, I came up with a cool hack. In the poetry section of my Creative Writing class, I'd submit the source code for my programming assignments from my CompSci class. The Creative Writing teacher, Mrs. Lenoard, thought this was so delightfully avant-garde. Half of me was doing it as an easy, lazy way to a grade. But half of me was being honest- well written code is itself, an art form.

I'm not alone, as a new art Exhibit features programming code- specifically Virii.

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