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The New York City Transportation Authority is making sure you are safe... WhiteWolf. Now, there are good reasons to confiscate WhiteWolf books- because, seriously, it's gotten old, and I don't like either the D10 or the D20 systems so please god can someone else break into the RPG market!.

Ahem. That said, a fellow LJer was stopped by the DeadAleWives Watchtower- er, the NYC TA I mean, and recieved an explanation of why D&D is Satan's Game.


Talking heads keep telling us about all these threats to our security. Ragheads that want to disrupt our elections and kill us and bomb us and fly planes into buildings. We're all going to die, fear fear fear.

And how do they protect us? By making women drink their own breast milk to ensure it's not a bomb. By trying to confiscate RPG books, and arresting people for carrying knitting needles. I need to be searched to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the NYC Library, and now to get on the Ferry.

We are devoting a fabulous number of resources into avenues that have no value. Tell me how a cursory bag search by mildly trained individuals is going to keep a cleverly disguised bomb from being slipped into a public place.

Let us say, for example, that someone wanted to cause a fear attack in the Met. Now, the primary goal is fear, so a body count isn't terribly important. How could I get a decent amount of high explosive in, so that I can suicide bomb? I can probably get a few pounds of high explosive in simply by stuffing it between the lining of my purse or my jacket. I can hide things in disposable cameras (bonus- a built in electronic trigger).

And I'm not even trying. I don't have any interest in blowing myself up in a public place- but we are told people do.

A terrorist is not going to hijack the museum and crash it into the Empire state building with a knife. They're not even going to have much luck holding hostages with a knife, and knives also happen to serve as useful tools for many purposes, which is why I always have one clipped to a belt-loop.

There is one purpose to these searches, and that is to inure you to the idea of being searched. If you accept it as part and parcel of daily life, if you believe that you _should_ be searched before entering a museum, that it honestly makes you safer, it makes you easier to control. It moves us one step closer to a smoothly running police state.

Look at the plans for the RNC and the security around the DNC, and explain to me how this is a function of a democratic republic? Explain to me how these... precautions... are a function of a free and open society? Either we have freedom or we do not. There is no middle ground.

mephron had the guts to stand up to that security guy. Not many people would. Most people probably would have handed over the book, simply out of fear- fear of the power of the State over them. This is illegal search and siezure. Not only is it unconstitutional and criminal, it is immoral. Period.

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