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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Good News/Bad News

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

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Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Good News/Bad News

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My Hat!
Good news- I just got offered a set of classes at New Horizons that will pay $7200 across a few weeks in September and October.

Bad News- I'm still at a zero-income for August, and I'm starting to worry. Bills are payable through the end of this month, but I'm dreading when rent comes do on the first.
  • I'm sorry this has nothing to do with your entry, but I have no other way of contacting you :S

    I love the way you have a border around your entries, which is not the default thin one...could you be so kind to explain me how to? I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks! :)
    • I'll have to dig around in component_help, I posted a vague tutorial on it. Harass me again, otherwise I'll probably forget to look it up.
      • :: harrasing you ::

        any luck with the vague tutorial? :)
        • I couldn't find the one I posted to component_help, so here's a crash course on it.

          Here's my source, and the function you're specifically interested in is print_entry, however, you'll also need the flatbox code at the top. The flatbox section (the class definition and all of those functions that have flatbox:: in the name) can simply be copied and pasted into your journal style.

          If you copy and paste print_entry, it'll work, but I've got alot of overrides in mine that you might not want.

          The lines that actually do what you're looking for follow after the comment "#Start main entry area here", and it's where I make the call to $f->flatbox_header(), and where I have the comment "#Close off the entry text area", I do a similar thing with flatbox_footer

          The only other thing you'll need to do is make sure you create an instance of the flatbox class, with the line var flatbox f = new flatbox; (which should go at the top of your print_entry function).

          You may want to skim through some of the tutorials on component_help, if you're not familiar with programming S2.
    • ^^ thanks a lot for the time you took to explain. It's enough for me to make it work...

      appreciated :)
    • Inserted the needed code, so yeah. I can get it working partially, I succesfully added the border to the entry text field and on the first 2 entries of the journal it looks "fine", the other tables gets totally fucked up afterwards, and my component boxes get somewhat pushed to the end of the journal.

      Don't you just love S2 coding? :p
      • It definitely keeps you on your toes. It's a great system, but I can see some room for improvement from a language-design aspect.
  • Heh. My friend davecorun works at New Horizons in Virginia.
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