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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Substantial Non-Infringing Use

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

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Substantial Non-Infringing Use

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Right now, the main vector of attack against P2P filesharing is that they do not have a "substantial non-infringing use"- their only purpose, purportedly, is to pirate media.

Over the past few months, on Suprnova, I have seen things like:
  • Pentagon Briefing on Climate Change
  • A handful of court decisions, including today, a UK ruling rendering Mod-Chips illegal
  • A few Lawrence Lessig books released under a Creative Commons license
  • Yesterday, the recordings of the INDUCE Act hearings
  • A petition for removing suprnova.com/.net, which is a scam site to draw traffic away from suprnova.org
  • A wealth of freeware, and in a more legal "grey" area, "abandonware"- software that the copyright holders do not maintain, distribute, or in any way shape or form profit from

Hey, look at this. Certainly looks pretty substantial to me. The way the Betamax ruling was worded, if it has a non-infringing purpose, regardless of people who might abuse it to break the law, you have to allow it.

This is what the INDUCE act seeks to change. If it leads to people committing piracy, it should be illegal. Taken to the extreme (and this law is vaguely worded enough that it could be), this could render computers themselves illegal, or more realistically, things like TV tuner cards, that allow you to record TV shows, and FTP servers. IRC channels could be brought up under this too.
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