How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Waking up with a club to the face

I love sinfest. And today it hits things right on the nose.

Hey you. Yeah, you with the illegal downloads. You are officially a threat to national security. Congratulations. The logic of this is fantastic- you are hurting the economy, and damaging the economy is what makes you a threat. By this logic, the communist political party could readily be declared a threat to national security, as well as the Right to Life party- both want to take legitimate capitalist endeavours, and trash them.

Speaking of stupid IP issues, the US doesn't have the most dumbass laws. Try Australia, where you are not allowed to copy songs from your own CD onto an iPod. In other news, you are also not allowed to use a CD you own for a coaster- even an AOHell CD.

So, this weekend, they blasted the "Terror Alert" from Bert to Ernie, if you're living in DC or NYC. This was because of "new and unusually specific" information, quoth the Tom Ridge. Well, if by new, you mean four years old, you're certainly right.

Don't worry though, we won't become 'Fortress America', but we will have security cameras on every corner of every major city, cursory searches when entering any public building, police dressed in flack jackets and carrying assault weapons on our streets and subways. But we're not Fortress America. After all, we've reopened the Statue of Liberty finally.

Alright, got all of that out of the way. I now have a really good example of why Mozilla will always be more bug free than IE- anyone finding a critical bug gets a $500 reward, and the bug gets fixed. The entire world community gets to participate- now that's a quality control team.

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