How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Oh look, a fucktard!

Class is over for awhile. Tomorrow, I collect a nice fat check. Go me. I'm so glad this is done with, because I'm wasted today... just so tired.

Anyway, have I got some fucktards for you.
First, ready to shit your pants? This article is claiming that Bush is on powerful antidepressants. The site is pretty... well, slanted, so take it with a grain of salt, but admitting the possibility is downright scary.

Some videogame playing kid in England killed his friend with a claw hammer. The cause? Why Manhunt, a rather brutal release from Rockstar games. It obviously _must_ be the video game, because no one's kid is going to go crazy and kill people. Sane heads at least, like the British Board of Film Classification agree that this is dumbass. (from DiePunyHumans)

Maddona wears a red string as a protection talisman, because of her "devotion" to Kabbalah. And for the small price ($25.99), you too can get your own Red String that has seen the tomb of Rachel the Matriarch. The source? Why, Target. Where else do you shop for occult supplies?
(from boingboing)

Moving away from Fucktards for a moment. Want free MP3s? Want legal free MP3s? Go for it. Rock out with your bad self.
(from boingboing)

This doesn't contain fucktards, but it's weird. Something is causing things to burst into flame for no clear reason in Sicily. I hope it really is Demons. It would make life more interesting.
(from GlitchNYC)

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