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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

The world is safer... no really...

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

The world is safer... no really...

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run the fuck away
The conservatives love running around with stickers saying "Terrorists Love Kerry". They're wrong of course

Now, try explaining this to most people, and they act confused. Moreover, they go, "But we've caught so many of their leaders! How can they be prospering?" Because guys, they don't need a centralized leadership.

The leaders aren't leaders- they're faces. A rallying point, not a commander. And that's a big hazard- kill them or arrest them, and they're still a rallying point. Hell, now they're a _martyr_.

Arrests will not end terrorism. Military actions will not end terrorism. In fact, military actions always spawn partisians. When those partisians move against civilian targets, they become terrorists (as a note, attacks against US troops in Iraq are not terrorist attacks- they are strikes against military targets, and hence, guerilla warfare).

These links ganked from Who Would bin Laden vote for.
  • Even when they do have a central leader specified, if they are smart they delineate a clear chain of command and a progression of who assumes command in the absence of the official commander. Same thing in the US military. In some especially rough battles we've ended up with boot corporals commanding companies and even battalions because everyone above them got killed. But the Corporal stood up, assumed command, and completed the mission.

    Killing their leaders might slow them down momentarily, but thats it. They step back, figure out who the senior survivng member is, and get back to business.

    I wish Bush would realize that war isn't the whole answer to terrorism. It is a valid part of the answer- where the terrorists can be clearly targeted, blow the fuck out of them. But the main part of a serious anti-terrorism initiative must be removing peoples reasons to become a terrorist.
    • Exactly, try pointing this out to some conservatives, and suddenly you're a leftard and are claiming that we can't stop the terrorists blahblahblah.

      Like it or not, we're dealing with a postnational movement. These terrorists are the military wing of a group of people that have greater allegiance to a combined set of ideals than to the nations they live in. To stop the military threat, you have to do something about the people the military is fighting for.

      I love how people assume that the terrorists are mentally unbalanced and will hate america no matter what we do, and that no act of diplomacy or internation cooperation is going to stop them.

      See how long terrorism lasts when the people the terrorists are fighting for see the United States as a benefactor and not a subjugator.
  • thank you for pointing out that little known fact that a lot of people dont get it is only a terrorist attack if it is against a civilian target if it is against a military attck it is an act of war or in this case an ofensive attack against an enemy . there is a slight differance and that is in most of these cases they dont see things the way the united states or europe do and that is they dont see a differance in a person wearing a uniform and a person not wearing a uniform
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