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So yeah... I need a response from my professor to a question I emailed him before I can finish the homework. Might I have had the answer if I hadn't skipped a week of class? Probably, but geez, it was the 5 day Star Trek marathon!

Anywho, the rest of today and tomorrow are pretty packed. My Existensialism prof told us tuesday that we'd have a take home test- but only twenty four hours to do it. Thursday arrives only to discover that the take home test expects a ten page written response. There was a minor revolt in the class, and then we talked him into giving us until saturday at midnight.

Oy. I'm skipping web design today, on moral principles, and being that I want as long a weekend as possible (this is a four day break for us sienapeeps). Besides, skipping a week didn't really cost me much except instruction on style sheets, of course, the teacher never taught us how to implement them, only write one. In other words, you can MAKE a style sheet, but not USE a style sheet.

Any wonder I don't go much?

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