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Alternate worlds in Alternate worlds, stupid people

Second Life is an online MMORPG that's one of the most customizable. An intrepid group of players took that to the extreme when they built a Wizard of Oz theme park.

Some stupid entertainment, The Incredible Hulk has a weblog. I have a feeling if this gets too popular we'll see some news articles and lawsuits in the offing.

Now, for something completely stupid. There's a website with the domain "". Shockingly, it's British. Now it gets weird. The Tolkien Estate and Warner Brothers et al. are suing the owner of because
"The incorporation of the SHIRE name into a domain name by you is a misrepresentation to the public that the domain is connected to the Lord of the Rings books and/or films. In particular, the registration by you of the domain name constitutes a representation to persons who consult the Whois register that you are connected to or associated with the name registered and thus the owner of licensee of the goodwill in the name, which of course you are not."

The article goes on to discuss some etymology, but I can sum it up real quick for you: SHIRE is a part of the English language and has been in the language for several thousand years before Tolkien was born. In fact, many locales have shire in their name. Explain to a thousand year old town that they're infringing trademark. I dare you.

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