How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Character Introduction : Rex Godfried

Rex Godfriend stopped at the mouth of the alley to catch his breath. He had been chasing Laurie Trall through the bowels of the lower city for over an hour, and found himself marvelling at her endurance- even if she were naught more than an Atlantean plant, spreading her blue propoganda to the masses.

His ray gun was holstered, as he knew that these spies were most useful taken alive. Even so, his hand itched over it, for it had been so long since he had seen any real action. Things had been quiet and peaceful for months, and there was nothing more that an adventurer hated than peace and quiet.

He looked around the corner and saw Trall slip into a bar. She whispered something to the bouncer, a large security robot, which glanced towards the alley. Rex ducked back before the robot saw him, and licked his lips. Things were definitely about to get interesting.

He stepped out from the alley, and strolled casually towards the door. The mellow orange glow of the robot's eyes tracked every movement, feeding the information to it's computerized mind.

As he approached the door, the robot said, "We're closed."

Rex laughed heartily, as if the robot were joking. "Good one old chap, I'm just stepping in for a drink-"

His response was cut off when a metallic bicep the size of Rex's thigh pushed forward to block him. "I said, you can't go in. We're closed, at least for you."

Rex smiled, licking his lips again. "Unhand me you robotic curr, or I will make your parts suffer so badly your engineer's will feel it." Without waiting for the robot to respond, Rex had his raygun out and blasted the elbow of the robot. On a human bouncer, Rex would have used fisticuffs, but against a half ton of steel, one needed more extreme measures.

"I am on official business bolthead." The robot had recovered, and was attempting to swing its good arm, which was sheathed in a coronoa of electricity, at Rex's midsection, but another blast through it's midsection put a stop to that.

The noise of gunplay had most likely alerted the patrons inside, so the time with subtlety was done with. Keeping his gun out, he charged into the bar, his eyes hoping to spy his prey.

To his surprise, much like the bouncer, most of the patrons were robotic. Internally, he recoiled with disgust- it was one of those "robot bars"... sure, normal humans went there, and there were several in attendance, but he found himself staring at the brushed steel bodies of several dozen robots.

Most of them recoiled from the man with a gun, but one robot and one human female stood, and began walking towards him slowly, hands out, showing that they meant no harm.

"What on earth," said the human, not Laurie Trall to his dismay, "are you at sir?"

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