How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Mental Note: Write Nasty Letters about our Bank

Okay, so we're using M&T Bank. And not for much longer.

Let me 'splain why. First, when I got my first big check from New Horizons, I depositted it, and we ran off to do things like pay rent, etc. It took them 7 days to clear the check, and in that time, our check to the landlord bounced, a total of $55 in fees. Plus, a check to Hannaford bounced, another $30 in fees, _and_ when we ran our card at Target, they let the card go through and hit us with another $30 insufficent funds charge.

Now, it gets better. As the month starts, we're moving, all of that good stuff, and we have _just_ enough money to cover bills. Today Juan, our landlord knocks on our door, to let us know our check bounced (another $55 in fees). We check our statement online, and lo and behold, they _cleared_ the check, then _reversed it_ the next day.

And there was enough money in the account to cover it. Until of course, they hit us with the fees for a bounced check.

Monday, we are going to be banging down their door, armed with nasty letters to be sent to the Albany Times Union, the Better Business Buerau, and anyone else that sounds like a good person to send a letter of complaint to.

We will make it clear that unless they somehow make up for these mistakes, the letters are going out. And I will, additionally, make it my life's goal to ensure that they lose as much business as possible. Or, to put it another way, they can give us the roughly $200 that should be ours, _or_ I can be a headache that will be far more frustrating.

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