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How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Moz and Apple do an end run around W3C

Mozilla has teamed up with Apple and created a new standards organization outside of the W3C. It gets better though. They're extending the HTML standards, first for OS X Tiger, but Moz will be bringing them to other desktops as well.

Using java script, this will allow low level access to the screen- but with high security. Essentially, it allows web pages to draw windows and forms on your screen.

Browser Wars II - Electric Boogaloo! quoth one articke on the subject.

And seriously- this is a feature that just makes IE look like GW's flaccid penis.

Oh, but wait- there's more. The Illustrated History of Copyright provides a delightful segue into my next topic- because it deals with copyright- sort of.

See, the Internet Bookmobile went to Walden Pond to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Thoreau's Walden. He got kicked out. Why? Well, he wasn't violating copyright- Walden has been around long enough to hit pubdom. No, to give out free literature at a state park in Mass., you need a permit. And he wasn't going to get a permit? Why again? Because the state park gets its monies from the Thoreau Society, which sells copies of Walden.

Disgusting really. It makes me want to start my own Bookmobile using just like this guy. For those of you that don't know, is the collection of as much pubdom material as can be tracked down and verified in public domain.

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