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Other news...

The office of Homeland Insecurity announces new terror warnings, and the NYPD, like the rest of us yawns, shrugs and goes, "Yeah, whatever". Moreover, this is a continuing set of "threats" to the national elections.

In other words, if Kerry wins, it could very well be beacuse the terrorists threw the election. Or, here's a real dangerous thought. _Maybe_, we're going to get this influx of terrorists who will become citizens, earn the right to vote, and skew the elections! Or maybe, they've already infiltrated, and good, hardworking American citizens are actually dirty rag-heads who will do anything to stop Bush's campaign for Truth, Justice and the American Way! FEAR!


Speaking of fear, I'm rather afraid that the Senate Intelligence Committee points out that the pre-war intelligence in Iraq was full of shit. Yeah, I know we all knew this already, but think about what that really means. The people who currently hold power in this country will happily go against facts and common sense when it suits them. Okay, we all knew that already as well, but when you think about it, that's really scary.

Even scarier is that the _other_ report- the one about how the intelligence was misrepresented, abused, etc. won't be released until _after_ the election.

In other words, we are expected to vote without a full disclosure. We're not allowed to know all of the facts that transpired during this past four years, and are expected to vote anyway. This is unconsionable. In fact, I honestly think that we should get a letter writing campaign started to _force_ the Senate to disclose all of the information they have in the weeks _before_ the election.

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