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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

You can't take my porn away.

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

You can't take my porn away.

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johnny cash
There's a fabulous little group of fucktastic fuckwits running the War on Pornography, subtitled "Fighting the Real Threat to Our Families".

They have alot of stupid statistics, and cite sources for _one_ of them. But the little blurb using Ted Bundy's statement on how pornography addicted him is very convincing. I know that I take what psychotic killers say at face value.

Even better, they claim that
Kids can bypass most "Parental Controls" with a simple "click of the mouse".

To which I contend that there is a radical new technology that monitors children's behavior on the web, and cannot be disabled with a mouse click. We call it "Parental Supervision". Amazingly, if you're keeping even a mildly close eye on your children while they go online, you can keep them from seeing things you don't want them to. It's shocking really.

Listen, if you have children, and want to allow them to go online, make sure the computer they use for access is in a public room like the living room, and that they either a) don't use it while you're not there, or b) you've raised them and trained them enough that you can trust them.

Not that, in my opinion, there's anything wrong with teenagers viewing porn. I turned out okay. Didn't negatively impact my development any.

Meanwhile, I just came up with a brilliant idea for a web content filtering system. Using a combination of regex filtering, ip filtering, etc. it flags pages with questionable content. Instead of blocking them however, it pops up a message box saying: "The site you are attempting to view may contain some questionable content. If you are sure you would like to continue, press ok. Please note that this will be logged." Suddenly, a filtering system with a way around false positives. It would also allow an administrator to choose to block a site.

I think I'll try writing that one as a Mozilla Firefox plugin. I'd like to do it as a Perl script, but people on Widows don't usually have a perl interpreter installed.
  • *accolade* Just what I've been saying for years!

  • Chronic masturbation prevents teenage pregnancies & VD.

    Porn is you friend!
  • Something That You Might Find Amusing...

    My friend Josh, who runs what I consider to be an extremely non-offensive site, found that AltaVista's Family Filter was continually blocking him out. After a little experimenting, he found out why, and posted the results here. I think you'll find them interesting.
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