How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Thank Fucking God That's Over...

Today was the main moving day. *gasp*

Everything is out of the basement in KTown. We started out at about 1030, and Sarah and Dennis just left about ten minutes ago (go them, as well as the punk strangers across the street). Not a bad 9 hours of work, but I am dead.

Since this is Albany, and there's no parking, we illegally parked and unloaded the truck in about ten minutes, dumping things out on the sidewalk.

Now, we're about half unpacked. Probably less. Most of the furniture is where it needs to go, some of the boxes and bins have been emptied. I now have a desk (roxxor) and a chair- the infamous wheel chair that we curbshopped.

Now, we just need to organize everything and take long, cold showers. We'll probably save most of the organizing for later. Maybe even tomorrow.

Something about heavy labor in 85° heat. My shirt is _still_ wet with sweat.

Everyone, remember please that the day after tomorrow, I will be recieving a message from my prospective employers that tells me I have my new job, or at the very least, can now advance to the next phase of the process.

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