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Totally big post of DOOM!

Okay... the last you heard from me was before heading off to War of the Roses. War of the Roses, has traditionally been my least favorite event- the site sucks. However, this year, it kicked ass. The weather was good (which is rare), even though I have the ultimate sunburn of doomage.

I ended up watching a good deal of the heavy weapons tourney, and I have to say- I want to do that. I'm not particularly interested in fighting in the battles, nor do I particularly care to win at the tourneys. I simply want to be a highly entertaining fighter to watch. I want to do crazy shit that makes the fighters shake their heads while everyone else laughs and cheers. And then I'll get my skull cracked with a polearm. I understand this.

Speaking of entertaining, I've decided that I want to talk to Dan Marsh, the Baronial Bard, and find out about the bardic competitions. I'd like to enter Bjorns Celdih. In the meantime, I'm writing the "Attack of the Blueberry", a rather insulting song about an individual that was at my first Celidh, and "The Ballad of Squirrel Haven(Foyle?)", the household we're forming for the SCA.

Meanwhile, we camped next to John the Bear. John isn't someone I ever knew personally, though by reputation he's pretty well known, and by sight- well, he's a large black man that resembles his nickname. We swapped stories and laughs, and he decided to share his cordial brewing skills with us- including sending us home with butterscotch and chocolate-orange cordials.

I think that covers the main SCA stuff. Moving on.

After getting back from Roses, it was trips to KTown to pack our room into the basement, so Apples can move in. That sucked. Miserable. I hate moving. Upshot- when we have a place to live, we're having a _big_ yardsale. Other upshot-

The first night we were packing in KTown, I saw a tiny little ball of fluff in the driveway. The next day, we manage to corner and snag two of these little balls of fluff- we have kittens. They're about four-to-six weeks old and matching tabbies (though one of them, named Persephone has calico markings as well). Persephone is smart as most humans I know, while her sister, Pandora, is dumb as a box of rocks. However, she excells at leaping _out_ of said box, making her somewhat hard to keep track of. They have been checked out by a vet and are disease free (save for some conjunctivitis and roundworm- but no lukemia of feline aids or anything). They will need a home- anyone interested?

But wait, there's more!

I get a call from NH today. They need _three_ tech classes taught, the first one being next week. The next one is the following month, and I forget when the third was. I'll be teaching them at the rate of $600/day. Some of them are five day, but one might only be a three day. Either way, smile, I'm about to have some cash! SWEET!

Busy few days, no?

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