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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Look... I live...

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Look... I live...

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Tom Baker
My computer has been moved up to manycolored's and canissum's place, where Cate and I currently are. Because they roxxor.

I'm hoping to hear back from that potential employer today, but if I don't- I'm calling them and giving them a nudge. Little over-the-phone hypnosis. Some "Have you got a dream? Have you got a soul?" sort of bargaining. Perhaps some "Have you got some kneecaps? Do you like them?"

Kidding, of course. I should eat.
  • Yeah, what's up with you guys? Moving out soon? Coming back at all? Havn't seen a trace of you guys in weeks. Good luck with the job hunt.
    • We're currently semi-permanent Albany residents. I want to talk to you guys about perhaps borrowing/renting storage space in the basement, since you're staying. Also, there's network stuff to do- I'm going to kill the Internet, but tell them someone else is going to be picking up the account at the same address (so they don't come and collect the cable modem). But I wasn't reimbursed at all for the network cables I bought (the black ones) and only got partial reimbursement on the router and the box of cable and other network supplies. I'm more than happy to sign off most of it, but since you guys are going to have a router (Apples linksys) I was figuring I could take the MSquish and leave you the cableing you'll need. If you also want the switch (which I won't need if I've got the router) we can arrange similar stuff, and exchange them for debts.
      • We don't need any of the hardware. You're welcome to all of it. Cable is a good thing for us to keep. We plan on actually wiring the house properly this time. As for debts, I'm assuming you're good at paying stuff back once you have money, ne? There's one more electric bill I have to hit you up for, and I have a total for what you owe me, but I'm not gonna be a jerk and post it here. Unless you want me to. Otherwise, we'll talk soon I hope. I should be around.

        As for the cable, I'll talk to Apples. He knows what's going on with that. We'll talk more later. I'm just wondering about what to do with alot of your guys stuff. We need to get stuff cleaned up and moved and such soonish. Also, we're getting a new fridge tomarrow, so we have to clean out the fridge tonight. If there's anything you want saved, call us tonight, otherwise it's more than likly getting chucked. There's alot of nastiness in there anyway, so I don't know how much of anything is good in there anymore anyway.

        Finally, if you want us to pack up any of your stuff in the common rooms for you, let us know. Since we're rearranging anyway, I don't think we'd have a problem doing that. But we more than likly won't unless you ask.
        • At some point soon we'll be back down for stuff. I was planning on tomorrow, but I have an appointement with the Siena Career Center, so it'll probably be at Wednsday at the earliest. What happens with our stuff is an issue, and it's one well get straightened out this week.

          Anywho, we'll be in touch.
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