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My interview is at two, and I'll be leaving for the bus in about an hour. I'm looking foward to this, even though the nervousness is finally hitting. I feel good about this job, and not the covetous way I've felt about other good offers recently. While I undeniably am desperate, I don't feel desperation about this job. I feel... optimistic. I feel confidant that there's no good reason why they shouldn't choose me- as I've said before, the pay's not great, and I'm thoroughly overqualified, but in a tasteful way. I've already made it clear that I hope to stay with them and advance there.

And that's what's drawing me to this job the most. It's going to start off lousy. But I've got the skills they need, and they've got what I need- a paycheck. So my hope is to make it clear that what I want most from them is an opportunity for advancement. I have the willingness and the ability to start small, but easily take on more responsibility.

I am, after all, good at what I do. I have a wide range of skills, and a good many of those can be leveraged by what they want to do- Java, ColdFusion... and I'm a CSS blackbelt. I've looked through Dreamweaver, and it's nothing unexpected. It's just another web IDE. You've seen one, you've seen them all. I don't care for it much- it automates too much for me, but I can use it. And moreover, when I'm using it regularly, I can find the settings I need to make it comfortable for me.

This is going to rock, and I predict, that by the end of this interview, I will hear the words, "When can you start?" The answer is next Wednsday by the way.

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