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I first heard about fuel cells from canissum a few years ago. They've remained a "not-ready-for-prime-time" idea since then, though they've just moved a massive step closer- Casio releases a fuel cell sized to power laptops. It may or may not require an external source of reactants.

There's a great number of VOIP offerings- telephone over the internet. Most of them cost a bit, but offer you calls anywhere in the world- to someone who has their service, of course. The people who made Kazaa are uping the ante- and probably making telcos shriek in unholy violation- they're offering Skype which is free VOIP but in coming months they'll be adding a twist- you'll be able to buy the ability to call actual landline phones. Unfortunately, it's Windows only, but give it a few months, and someone will have cloned an Open Source version that uses their network.

Lawrence Lessig will be testifying before Congress tomorrow on copyright (Lessig is the founder of the Free Culture movement and a strong supporter of copyright reform, and a founder of Creative Commons) and he generously put his testimony online a day before his testimony.

Video games might be just that- games, but a group of educators think that there's educational value in games that expect critical thought. There's something you'll never see said about mainstream TV.

Roughly once every two months some fucktard decides that Google's page rankings are horrible, discriminatory, or damaging to business. This time Google's promoting anti-semeticism. "The fact that Google is the biggest INternet brand acts like a seal of approval." Except that Google sells searches based on page rankings, and page rankings are determined by linkbacks. Shockingly though, the Anti-Defamation League is on Google's side for a change.


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