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I have to admit, living in this house the past year has had an unexpected side effect. It's turned me into a console gamer. Not a hardcore one, but I'm feeling the yearning for my own XBox when I leave here- though with the debt I've racked up, I'd better just look forward to the XBox2 and maybe a GBA if I can make friends with an upstate EB employee or Tim to pick up a trade-in for me on the cheap.

At any rate, there have been several games that have captured my interest and imagination. Knights of the Old Republic was the first. (Sorry guys, Halo is fun for multiplayer, and maybe to waste some time on the single player, but the single player is of very limited interest.) Good story, solid gameplay, and a good difficulty curve.

The next game to get me was XIII. Again, very compelling story, and a good first person action gameplay with some thoughtful tweaks (like picking up objects to use as improvised weapons). I'm also fond of cell-shaded graphics (which seems to make me unique in the gamer market). It's a great conspiracy game, retelling the Kennedy assasination in a modern context.

My newest enjoyment is Red Dead Revolver, a western game. This one is just plain fun. Whether it's picking off midget clowns, or riding a bull while taking out attackers with a rifle, it's a cheesy spaghetti western and just plain charming. Sure, reality takes a backseat, but that's more than okay. The really interesting part is that you take on the role of minor characters for one-shot missions, including a flash-back sequence. Fun, fun, fun.

I want to see a game review site for casual gamers. People like me, that tend to lose interest in games very easily, for various reasons, usually because they get too hard. I don't play video games to work. I have no interest in honing my skills. I simply want to be entertained.

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