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So, in sos_usa someone claimed that Nancy Regan coming out in favor of stem-cell research was hypocrisy. Now, I've never seen little Nancy coming out squarely against stem-cell research. In fact, in my memory, she's been closemouthed about it- probably because she favored it, but was toeing the party line.

And it's not like it's a sudden reversal based on her husband's condition. He's had this condition since he was president- so she's obviously had some time to work this one out.

Edit: tyrsalvia pointed out in comments Nancy Reagan has come out in favor of stem-cell research before. So she wasn't closemouthed like I assumed. Moreover, this further kicks someone that claims hypocrisy.

The real kicker though, was that she compared this hypocrisy to "homosexual christians". *facepalm* Okay people, let's do this again, because _some_ of you obviously aren't getting it.

The basis for condemning homosexuality is from the same book that condemns shellfish, consorting with a woman during her period, and various other laws that everyone ignores. By now you all should have seen God Hates Shrimp and the like. The only shock to me is that anyone cares. You want hypocrisy, try throwing out all the laws that you don't like, but holding on to a precious few that make you feel erect and manly.

Furthermore, the old J-man himself said that the law was death without righteousness. I love how people miss _that_ one. Hey-zeus came to _free us from the law_. Imagine Christ as a hippie-anarchist, and you're on the right track. The whole point was that _anyone_ can follow a bunch of rules if you beat them with it hard enough. You're not a _good_ person because you follow the rules slavishly. You're a _good_ person because you think, and choose to do the right thing- and the world is a complex place, and in the end, you're the only one that can choose. You just have to be ready to defend your choices.


Sometimes, I decide to be a Christian just so I can try and get people to understand Christianity, because so few Christians do.

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