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Morning Linkagesesesesesssss

First off, something terribly cute and geeky- My Little Ponies redone as the Justice League. I really like the Batman one.

Speaking of justice and leagues (okay, leagues have nothing to do with anything), Australia's aboriginies have started their own political party.

Lawrence Lessig offers a great idea, why not offer bounties on spammers. Dude, I'd so be a spam bounty hunter (do I smell a story in the offing?).

Last but not least, Japan has arrested an academic for writing a P2P sharing app. He was "abetting infrigenment". *sigh* They might have something on the charges of him helping people distribute infringing materials. However, the P2P app... I see no criminal act there- though it is Japan, and they have different laws. It _shouldn't_ be illegal though. Like anything else, it's a tool- how people use it should not detract from any legitimate value it may have.

I cite as an example Bittorrent. Here's a file sharing luxury. You download a small .torrent file from the Web, IRC, or wherever. Put it into your bittorrent client, and your client joins a P2P network specifically centered around that file you're downloading. Now, this is great for illicit stuff (I mostly use it for TV shows, and while that's infringement, if the companies were smart, they'd put their own, commercial included versions online, and I'd more than happily download those- but I won't pay for cable). However, bittorrent has a very strong legitimate use. I downloaded Mandrake 10 through bittorrent. "Red vs. Blue" puts all of their episodes up on bittorrent. Why? Because they don't have to pay for the bandwith when that happens. Sure, they have to maintain a seed, but most of the load is picked up by other clients- other computers like yours or mine that happen to be downloading the file.

It's created a "bittorrent ettiquite"- you should always upload more than you download. After your download completes, if you don't sit in the torrent for awhile, you're considered a leecher. Mind you, no one can really _know_ that you were a dick. But there's a Kantian Categorical Maxim involved- if everyone leeched, the BT network wouldn't work. People have to be willing to sit in the torrents and let other people download, or it doesn't work for anyone.

Correction: apples491 points out in a comment that the tracker (the server responsible for making sure all the chunks of the shared file get directed to the right places) can track the up/down ratio of the clients, and that some trackers, specifically that unnamable shadow society, do ban leechers.

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