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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits


How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).


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johnny cash
I hate movements. This gets me into endless battles with the Converted and Enlightened, and I love fights.

My main reason for hating movements comes from an almost Zen detachment- almost. Movements want to change the world. They lobby governments, take to the streets, pamphlet and proselytize. On some base level, this disgusts me. Some primitive brain part tells me that they're not to be trusted. But that's not why I hate them.

I hate them, because by rebelling against certain social institutions, they inevitably enslave themselves to others. By lobbying for things, you're implicitly supporting the government. By pamphleting and proselytizing, you're buying into society. Joining the club.

Myself, I subscribe to the "drop out" philosophy. I don't bother to change society because I don't want to be a "part" of it- oh, I interact with it, it's unavoidable. But I set the terms, as much as I can.

I live in a post-culture, at least in my head. A distributed culture, where we live and socialize in patterns more akin to tribes. Sure, we leave our tribe to interact with the outside world, like Going To Work, or Hitting The Mall. Now, we may have members of our tribe along for these rides, but most of the people we see are not part of our tribe. They're a not-us. Our tribe has formed around mutual-interest. We think within a certain deviation, we act and speak in a certain range. We've glommed together by fiat, and choice.
  • Hey man. Got a call from your suitors about you coming up to do an interview, they were listing off times and whatnot, I saved the message. Tsk on you for not telling me you gave them my number, though. Double-tsk.
    • Shuwheet! I'll grab you tomorrow and get the info. I'm sorry, I used my parents and Tim's number as contacts, and once, when they said they might be calling me during a time when you were the only one around, I gave them that number. I didn't think they'd hold onto _that_ one.
      • Heh, salright, I just like derailing your posts. Because I am cruel. And bored at work. So bored. I'm working on that All Flesh game now.
  • hare krishna hare krishna haare haaare haare krishna
    • I'd look sexy in an orange robe. You know it. But I keep the hair. Bastards.
      • Hey now, there was a Hare Krishna in Dawn of the Dead, and you see how that turned out. So if they try to be like, "if you join us you won't zombify", well, they're lying.
  • "By lobbying for things, you're implicitly supporting the government."

    You sir, know what you're talking about. Anarchy is good for you. Now, here's a really big stick, go and belt some intelligence into a few commies.
    • Commies are even worse! They want to replace our system by working through it! The system in place is very self-protective. It's not going to willingly go the way of the dinosaur. You either must confront the system, subvert it, or merely ignore it. Better yet, some combination thereof!
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