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How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy


MIT's The Tech magazine has an interview with Jack Valenti, spokesperson for the MPAA, and no one knows what the others are talking about.

Jackie asks a few questions that I'd like to respond to here.
The broadcast flag -- if you are in your home, then you can copy anything that’s on over-the-air television to your heart’s content. The only time that you will know there’s a broadcast flag is if you try to take one of those copies and redistribute it on the Internet. Then, the flag says, ‘No, you can’t redistribute it.’ But you can do everything you’re doing right now -- you’ll never know there’s a broadcast flag. Well, why would people object to it?

Because Jackie, it stifles innovation. You talk about how only a handful of people in the US build their own sets- but that's not the point. Someone may want to start a company- and you're forcing them into an alien standard. And how about this? I can't distribute it on the Internet, but hey! I want to move my copy from computer A to computer B- both machines I own. Guess what, I can't. My computer has to support this broadcast flag crap too. This is roughly akin to making a car that refuses to accellerate past the speed limit.

What it really boils down to is that I do not want anyone telling me what I must put into my hardware, my software, and how I can use it. It's _my_ computer.

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