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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Alicia is Dead! Long Live Alicia!

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Alicia is Dead! Long Live Alicia!

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run the fuck away
Umm... shit. Alicia is my computer. She's a sexay beast.

Currently, she is a sexay pile of parts that doesn't do a fuck of alot.

It all started when I came upstairs to check something, and found that my computer wouldn't leave powersave. Okay, fine, I've seen that happen once or twice in the past few years. I reset.

Does the bootup sequence, LILO lets me choose the version of Linux to run, and then- nothing. Black screen. Not _dead_ black- not powersave. Just no data. I repeat this process several times, trying different kernels with more debugging messages on. When debugging, it runs as far as detecting my CPU, and hangs at "Calibrating delay loop..."

I kill the power and let her sit a bit, figuring I'll just come back to her later. Now, she doesn't even do the bootup sequence. No BIOS screen, no hardware beep. Just a pair of powersaving monitors.

I've stripped and rebuilt her, blowing dust off of nasty places. Still nothing. I'm probably going to take each component out and test it in another machine until I can find what's causing the problem (repeat after me- it's a RAM stick [I can survive with 128MB less of ram, but if it's the motherboard, processor or video card, I'm fuxx0red.])

Anyone got any thoughts on what to look for? I'll check my email from one of the many other computers in the house. If it's motherboard/CPU/Video, I'll have to try hooking shit into the old 333mhz motherboard/processor- that'll suck donkey gonads.
  • If it's degenerating worse like that as you turn it on, I'd put my money on one of a few thngs: Not the video card, b/c it didn't have problems displaying stuff before it blacked. Maybe either hard drive (again, since no bios, not likly), motherboard or processor. Maybe the processor fan burned out. Did you overclock at all?

    I'll think more about it. In the mean time, testing the parts is a good idea. However, don't go using apples machine. He'll kill you. O_o Try unplugging everything and starting with the bare basics... never know. Might be something stupid.

    Good luck.
  • i needed a new power supply once on my old comp
  • My beloved suggests a new power supply. Me, I got no clues. You could try asking very nicely.
    I hear praying sometimes works.

  • sorry to hear, and am wishing for it to be something either trivial (aka "that can be done without with minimum complication") or something really cheap to replace.
    Failing that, wishing that the means to obtain replacement part(s) practically falls in your lap with minimum difficulty.
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