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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Ashcroft wants your pr0n

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Ashcroft wants your pr0n

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run the fuck away
Ashcroft wants your pr0n so badly that he's got an entire team scouring the internet for the slimiest, vilest porn to be found. The claim is that he wants to stamp it out. The reality is that he's terribly repressed and wants to see it all- so he can get off. Cue the image of Ashcroft yanking it to porn going, "Oooh! Doggy-style! I wish I could be that kinky with the missus." Ha. That'll be burned into your third eye all day.

Goliath a (the gubbermint) is going after Goliath b (the porn industry), and Mr. A is armed with nerf guns. People like porn. People watch lots of it. Fans are not victims- they're consumers. You want traditional values- well porn is as traditional as you get. The only industry older is prostitution. People like sex. They like having it, they like thinking about it, they like watching it.

The people standing against the gubbermint in this case will include:
The porn industry
Media giants (who are supplied by the porn industry)
Free speech advocates

This is a no-win scenario for the gubbermint. If anything, it'll increase demand, much like when sites proclaim that they are "Banned in Thirty Countries". Sure, those thirty countries are perdominantly Muslim or have no concept of free speech (shout out to China, y'all!), but your average user sees that and says, "Damn, that's got to be good!" "Facing US Government Prosecution" will be just as salable a label.

Mmmmm... porn.
  • If they do succeed in banning it, well, watch the worst of the porn industry rise up and take over. Women forced into it, people smuggling, more impressionable teens targeted to star... Regulation has virtually always worked better to restrict the damage something can potentially do than prohibition. They ban it, the only winner will be organized crime. The current regulations and record keeping requirements for actors ages and std test results and such work well enough. They are effective at reducing the potential harm of pornography(like anything else, sex can be good but also harmful), while still allowing it to exist with a great deal of variety so people dont' rush en masse to their local black market dealer for whatever they can get.
  • Liberals/Democrats

    I'd like to believe that, but I've seen some pretty unholy alliances between the far right and the moderate left on this topic.
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