How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Now _that's_ BADASS and other news...

You're going into labor. There's no electricity or running water and you're eight hours from the nearest hospital. Suddenly, you realize that this baby isn't coming out naturally. What to do? Grab a kitchen knife and perform a ceasarian on yourself Repeat after me: Holee shit!

How about a punk rock orchestra? Full symphonic covers of classic punk songs, and c'mon, the conductor's so cute with his little hawk.

Now Wired is running another article on the bleed over between MMORPG economics and real-world. Interestingly, the smaller game universes, like "Second Life" and "Ultima Online" support the trading, while the large established games, like "Everquest" tend to think it's unfair.

But wait, there's more badassitude. Man rescues 11 year old from croc by leaping on it and gouging its eyes. Go random rescue dude!

The chief of NYT says that there will never be professional bloggers. I agree. You can't survive on an ad supported blog, and in all honesty, you're lucky if the blog pays for itself. But it's a wonderful supplement to any career, even if it doesn't make money. It makes connections, which can translate into cash.

How about this: tree furniture. Living tree furniture. "Honey, did you remember to water the couch?" This kicks ass. And my birthday is this month (hinthint).

Yesterday I talked about the guy who ran linux on his iPod. That's amateur hour- real people install linux on dead badgers.

Finally, for this post- the answer is that there is no answers. A delightful, must read essay.

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