How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

They'll just run linux on any ol' damn thing...

The Linux Gameboy was a hoax, but there was a Nintendo running *nix. Now they've bypassed the lockdowns and made the IPod run linux.

Look! A linux PDA with a hard drive! With overpriced hardware! Though, if you can dual boot, a great way to beat DRM</a> on the go. Throw an iTunes file on the iPod, boot to linux and remove the protections, then offload that file anywhere you go.

The funny thing is that if Apple were like MSquish, the guy who did this would be staring down the barrel of a lawsuit. Why do I say that? There was a chain of XBox lawsuits. You see, crucial to the XBox's scheme to get games made for it (consoles themselves are a loss- hardware makers profit by lisencing their system for games) is the fact that software can't be pirated for it. This piracy was the thing that killed the Dreamcast. So when you buy an XBox, you get an EULA. And guess what- tampering with the XBox violates your EULA, and counts as a breach of contract. MSquish used this to go after XBox hacking websites, including the ones publishing information on how to run linux, and connect your XBox to a LAN and access its files from a PC.

I think most of those cases didn't go in MSquish's favor, though I could be wrong, and there could be plenty of undecided ones.

Meanwhile, there's been an interesting reccomendation for an experiment, which I think I might very well set up at some point.

Lastly, can anyone solve this equation?
(Phat liquor + six year old) / t3knomanser = ?

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