How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

Oh, that explains it...

...still banging on that script- I have had to pull some _nasty_ hacks.

For example, it sometimes decides I'm not logged in anymore. So I actually have to logout and login repeatedly, which is fairly nasty, but it ensures proper function.

Secondly, I found out why I'd get 403/Forbidden responses- Google, quite intelligently, saw rapid requests and screamed "BOT! KILL IT!". Tack a few sleep() commands in however, and all of the sudden your bot looks a heck of alot more like a person.

The download now works properly. The upload should involve maybe ten lines of new code. Damn, I'm cool.

BTW- I didn't touch the script at all yesterday. It's hard to keep this kind of motivation up for a project I'll never use and $25 in cashmonies. Still, I like showing off my sexy geek brain.

In other news, someone uploaded "Black Panther v1" to suprnova. For the uninitiated, BP is a Marvel superhero who... well... think about the name, and then realize that the character appeared in the sixties. ::snicker:: From what I understand, it was much better than DC's attempts at racial diversity.

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