How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

In which I assault you with information...

We'll lead off today with a first: Open Source Hardware. That's right, IBM is opening the design for their Power PC line, so that people can customize it for use in specific systems. Very cool. Build a chip to order.

In the near future, you may stop deleting your email. Google is offering a free email service with enough storage space to hold a decade's worth of email (1GB). Compared with the 2-8MB you get anywhere else- that's amazing. They'll also be offering search features for your email to index and find what you need in that massive pile of data.

RIAA may be having a field day here, but CRIA, it's Canadian cousin get's told that file sharing isn't illegal.

Darth Vader wasn't a bad guy after all- it's the Rebellion that you've got to watch out for.

Okay, so in my dream, we would make a yearly excursion to an uninhabitted, airless asteroid that was in Vermont. It worked out fairly well aparrently- the asteroid had a ski slope. So a whole bunch of us piled into a bakery and drove there. The bakery was this "bakery-on-wheels" thing that we rented every year because they left the baked goods on the racks and such, and we could gorge ourselves. I was specifically fond of the six-inch doughnuts, covered in glazing and blue sprinkles. At any rate, we pulled up on the asteroid several hours later after making a couple of strange stops. Before we leave the bakery, we put on special parkas that don't completely protect us from the vacuum of space in Vermont, but would allow us to live longer without air, and not have our blood boil in our veins. We had to bolt from the bakery the several hundred yards to our cabin, past a whole bunch of people that were skiing (our parkas looked suspiciously like ski-parkas). I was fairly surprised to find that I could breathe in the vacuum of space, but I figured it had something to do with being in Vermont.

I'm not making that shit up. That is what my subconcious decided to gift me with last night.

Last but not least, astronomers make an important discovery on Mars, perhaps even more earth-shattering than water.

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