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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Mmmm... beefy...

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Mmmm... beefy...

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Tom Baker
Organic farm says, "Hey! Let's test all of our beef for Mad Cow! Make it a selling point!" The government says, "No."

Crazy as it sounds, the USDA prohibits private testing for mad cow disease. You must submit to the government testing procedures, which will test less than one percent of the cattle that we eat.

The cattle industry are worried that the 100% testing at the organic my mislead consumers "into thinking an untested cut of beef isn't safe." Shit, you mean that people might think that if their beef was untested for mad cow, then it might contain mad cow disease?

Damn, sorry. I was thinking again. I've been trying to quit, but it's so hard.
  • The only concern I would have about a farm doing something like that is quality of the tests. If you use crap testing program, that could be greatly misleading to your customers to say its all tested.

    But, if they use some decently accepted industry standard test... Then have at it.

    The article doesn't say *why* the USDA disallows private testing, which really in my opinion is the most important piece of information to decide whether they are right or wrong in it. Got to love the media, put out some sensationalist crap and leave out all the critical details needed to put it into context and make up your own damn mind about the issue. Granted, this was labeled op/ed, but its still crap journalism. Even labeled opinion pieces should have full details involved in the issue by normal journalistic standards.
    • The only reason I can see for disallowing it would be a concern over non-standard testing methods. But if someone ran the same test that the USDA does, and runs it privately, I don't see any issue, so long as they meet the USDA testing requirements. Let the USDA test whatever percentage of your beef, and you test the remaining percentage.

      Then again, since organic cattle don't generally get mad cow disease, since they're not eating other cows, it is just a marketting scam. Well, there's _something_ to it, but it's 90% hype- if a farm is truly organic, the incidence of mad cow disease should be almost nonexistant.
    • According to a meat merchant at the last Farmer's Market, one problem is that the prions just warped proteins, and are not destroyed by disinfectant or high temperatures. And organic/free range cattle must be butchered at USDA approved meat processing plants (smaller operations cannot afford this), which process non-organic and non-free range meat. So your untainted meat gets tainted from the hooks and slabs and blades because the small farmer cannot cut up his own carcasses.
    • 1. People have gotten up in arms about marking food with things like "tested for Mad Cow" or "does not contain BvGH"repeatedly, saying it makes the corps look bad. And they very often get forbidden by the USDA. I don't remember specific cases, but I really wish I could. There was one recently (that being within the last five years.)

      2. Organic has lost all meaning for similar reasons to the above. It can't really be trusted anymore, as the definition is so loose. It could just mean that they let them move a little, not necessarily enough, but still feed them generic (and probably cow infested) feed. Or god only knows what.

      Dman I wish my family was closer to NY. I'd get our beef from them. I *know* those cows were well treated. And I *know* they had planty of space, and good feed. Grr. Snark. They also had chickens that lay interestingly coloured eggs. Apparently that's normal, white is not. < /rant >
      • Decreasing my meat consumption to statistically reduce my chances of becoming infected. And because last time I went veggie, I lost weight. And because the earth could support 10 billion people EASILY on an all-veg diet, because animals eat way more food than they create. Not to mention, animal waste is one of the main pollutants and causes of disease.

        And if I do not buy meat, I can afford to buy portabella mushrooms, fresh herbs, odd broths and stocks, and other random things that make eating vegetables hearty and nummy.
        • I'm actually goign to be decreasing meat again too. Not for any altruistic reason, but because my body isn't processing it again. It does this every so often.... I should really take that as a sign.

          But damn it, I *like* steaks all dripping with blood.
  • (no subject) - nysidra
  • What, are they afraid that 1: someone will decide to be more dilligent in testing than the bare minimum req's state or 2: they might find out how many people don't trust government anything?
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