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Morning linkage...

Intel finally admits that GHz ratings for processors are fairly meaningless. That's right folks, having a 2GHz processor doesn't mean a fuck of alot. Ever wonder why AMD processors started getting names like AMD3200+? It's because AMD was trying to give a more accurate idea- that one is based off of the results of three different benchmarking tests.

Now, in the category of "things you shouldn't laugh at", ten marines were killed by friendly fire in Iraq. First thing that comes to mind? "Remember children, friendly fire isn't friendly at all."

For true comic book geekdom, there are scans of "Action Comics #1" online. For the uninitiated, that is the first comic-book appearance of Superman. I hate Superman, and think it's a fucktarded character concept, but I can appreciate this.

Meanwhile, the sword in the stone has been unearthed- but it's really Italian. Interesting historical stuff relating to an Italian legend that may have turned into the Arthur legends.

And the Australian Record Association is lamenting the decline in CD sales, a decline so steep that they saw the highest sales in history. A decline so sleep that it was really an incline even. Mmmm... creative accounting.

Do LOTR parodies ever get old? Actually, I'm starting to get really sick of them. But this one made me smile.

And finally:

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