How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy (t3knomanser) wrote,
How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

More Voting

The Open Voting Consortium which is going public with version 1.0 of their software has a solution.

It's decent, but doesn't offer any signifigant advantages over pen-and-paper. It's smoother, to be sure, but when stacked up against Diebold, and when you ignore little things like security, it doesn't measure up for convience.

I do like the system though. In short, it works like this:
Start with an on-screen display, walk the user through the ballot.
Generate a printed reciept (and do not tabulate the votes- the EVM doesn't store any information)- the printed reciept is folded in such a way as to hide the human readable information, and shows instead, a bar code, which can be scanned by the voter and read on screen, or audibly, by a machine in the precinct for verification.
At the end of the election, the votes are scanned with hand-held devices, and that is how the results are tabulated.

I like the barcode idea. It's smooth.

Unfortunately, when stacked up against auto-counting systems like Diebold, it doesn't measure up. It's a better choice, but it relys on people _thinking_ about the system they're choosing in terms of reliability, security, etc, not just plain features.

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