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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

Time for a dream post...

How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

run the fuck away

Mad science gone horribly, horribly wrong(or right).

Time for a dream post...

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My Hat!
I don't often remember my dreams upon awakening, and when I do, they're usually not terribly interesting. So when I remember a dream _and_ it's an interesting one, it's a red letter day.

There were several threads to this dream, and it's hard to say that "it started like this", so I'll just pick a thread and run with it.

There was a dream-in-a-dream for this dream. In the inner dream, I was at some sort of laboratory, several stories underground. I did alot of work here, but wasn't technically employed by the people running the lab (who are an unknown entity). I was an outside contractor that was practically a regular employee. The reason for my regularity? Well, they'd been dealing with a strange occurance- other versions of Me kept walking into the lab. They had dedicated a floor to them, and let them run loose, finding that they had a tendency to just randomly invent useful stuff. So it worked out for the lab, but they still didn't know why other me's kept showing up or how.

I was aware that I was dreaming, but everything was real anyway. Even though it was a dream, I couldn't, for example, wish away the other mes, because they were still real.

In the other thread of the dream, the "waking" part was at a house in the woods, on a ridge. I was telling Cate about the dream, and then, looking at certain shapes, or angles, triggered siezures (not grand-mal apoplectic siezures- the sort where you're brain hangs for a moment, which I'm prone to anyway, but this was a thousand times worse for frequency [I get them once every few weeks, or months- this was every few minutes]). I also felt other personalities intruding- the other me-s from my dream, which were all subtly different people.

So I knew that in the inner dream, I had to convince people to work on sending them back. I left the dream when I was trying to explain that the other me-s had to be sent back, because I was going crazy in the waking world as a result. They instead, seemed pretty convinced that I was going crazy in the inner dream.

Neet, huh? Seriously, when I post a dream, it's a winner.
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