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New Project

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New Project

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I've come up with a new project for myself.

I want "drawers", mini pull out windows that dock to the sides of the screen. Now, I could learn QT, the KDE library, but that strikes me as a pain in the ass. It looks like it'll be alot easier to learn JNI, the system that allows me to embed native code into Java programs and write the bulk of the code (especially the GUI) in Java, and do the rest in C++.

My basic plan of attack is this- I'm going to use the XReparentWindow method to plop any window I want into my Java program. The methods for this will be native C++. I've already got code for dynamically loading kicker style applets in Java, so I can leverage that, and get something like that Slicker program I mentioned in my last post, which, btw, I had to drop- it's waaay to unstable to rely on. I really liked it though. A good portion of its source code will end up as my native source. It's just that when it comes to GUIs, I'm more comfortable in Java. That, and I've got prebuilt code to leverage, which is always a mitzvah when coding.
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