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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits

My Desktop...

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My Desktop...

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Alright, I've put alot of effort yesterday and today tweaking my desktop, making it all shiny and sexay.

So let's take a look, shall we? Here's a really big graphic- I've got an insane screen resolution, which is caused by using two monitors. Hey, listen, if you intend to do linux, set aside a better part of the day for setup if you want to have a dual-head system. It's a pain in the ass. Biggest drawback yet, aside from the fact that Macromedia doesn't distribute a decent flash plugin for *nix.

At any rate, the dual monitor thing was done months ago, so that's not something I tweaked.

Now, the first think you'll notice is the window decorations. That's the kwinaqua decorations, and yes, I'm aware that it's very Mac like. It looks cute, and it matches my Firefox skin pretty well (yes, that is why this whole revamp started- I had to match my Firefox skin).

Though the screenshot doesn't show it very well, I'm using the Acqua-3.1 style, which is the skin on all the QT/KDE widgets. Note how I still haven't gotten GTK widgets skinned properly.

Now, on the top of the left hand monitor, you'll notice that I have three floating pull down bars- those are provided via an app called Slicker. The middle one was an embedded XWindow for Logjam, which I had to ditch- the embedded windows can't get keyboard focus, which makes it pretty useless for an LJ client. I'll probably put some eye-candy or gui-only app in there. The pull down clock also nicely provides a calendar, which is handy.

Okay, bottom left, task bar. Nothing exciting there. Note however, how I removed everything but tasks from that bar. No real reason, but I was distributing stuff around. Note that empty area under the task bar- that area doesn't exist. The GUI server for *nix has to render a rectangle, but my monitors are at two different resolutions, the left one being smaller. Hence, there's dead space on the left monitor that's not really there. If I wanted to, I could set it up for desktop panning, but that's a pain in the ass.

On the second screen, at the top, I've got a kicker panel, with some built in KDE applets. A character selector which is handy, in that it spares me the memorization of the ALT+NUM combos for unusual characters. Then a command line, followed by a CPU/Memory monitor, followed by weather. Some pull down menus, a button to take snapshots, and another clock. Yes, another clock. I like one per screen. And I've got another Firefox plugin that displays the time in that window. I know, that's a lot of clocks.

Now, down at the bottom left I've got another kicker panel. This one has my desktop pager (two monitors * four desktops = more screen realestate than god), my cute Doom CPU monitor (the more beat up he looks, the higher my CPU usage.) and a lock/logout applet.

This is all designed around my convience, and so far, I like the arrangement.

Now, the last thing to note is my Superkaramba theme at the bottom middle of the second screen. The floating icons. It's just a quick-launch basically, but it looks cool- the icons zoom in when you hover over them, and again, this is a Mac like thing. That's where my start button is. The Superkaramba theme that I used for that is KRoller-v0.94.

Now, all of the customization tools I used are either built in, or I downloaded them from kde-look.org. You too can have a shpiffy linux desktop.

Does anyone reading this even use linux? Or even care to tweak it as much as this? Sorry, I've been a desktop modder for as long as I've had a decent (for its time) computer, so like... high-school. Before that, they were my "parents" computers, so I couldn't futz with them much.

And before getting to post this, I lost all internet connection because the ports both Cate and I were using on our switch went... well, I hope to a better place. My switch is so fucked up- if you use connection five, the uplink port dies, if you use three or four, all the other ports die, but uplink stays on.
  • I installed Mandrake on my dual head system, didn't have to do a damn thing to tweak it.
    • How strange. I had to bang my head against the X settings and NVidia drivers for the better part of two days.

      It was hilarious for awhile- when X started, it showed up on one monitor, and when I dropped to the console, it showed up on the other.
  • Linux?

    Check. Got it as computer 3 on my KVM switch.
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