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I don't care what OS you're using, I've already talked about the joys of firefox so switch to it already.

However, a handy list of extension recommendations to make it as truly bad arse as it should be (extensions get downloaded here).

Your must have plugins:
  • Tabbrowser Extensions: most people don't like tabbed browsing at first- but you'd be surprised at how indispensible it becomes after you've used it a bit. This plugin makes it really kick some serious ass.
  • Things They Left Out: Useful menu options that aren't in there- this is poweruser stuff, so most of y'all won't care to fiddle with it anyway.
  • Adblock: Firefox automatically ditches popups, but what about annoying banners? This plugin lets you nuke those- and the server they came from using wildcards. It has the ability to overlay flash so you can rightclick on flash banners as well.
  • QuickManager: so many extensions and themes, and that website is so slow (it really is), what to do? QM provides a nice UI to install plugins and themes without visiting the website. It doesn't require, but encourages that you also install JSLib, which is a prereq for alot of other plugins- might as well grab that one too.
  • Deepest Sender: This isn't so much a must-have plugin, but hey- it's the best Moz-based LJ client I've seen yet. Small, cute, and sexy. I think I'll be sticking with Logjam 90% of the time, but this one's worth checking out.

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