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t3knomanser's Fustian Deposits


How Random Babbling Becomes Corporate Policy

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I don't care what OS you're using, I've already talked about the joys of firefox so switch to it already.

However, a handy list of extension recommendations to make it as truly bad arse as it should be (extensions get downloaded here).

Your must have plugins:
  • Tabbrowser Extensions: most people don't like tabbed browsing at first- but you'd be surprised at how indispensible it becomes after you've used it a bit. This plugin makes it really kick some serious ass.
  • Things They Left Out: Useful menu options that aren't in there- this is poweruser stuff, so most of y'all won't care to fiddle with it anyway.
  • Adblock: Firefox automatically ditches popups, but what about annoying banners? This plugin lets you nuke those- and the server they came from using wildcards. It has the ability to overlay flash so you can rightclick on flash banners as well.
  • QuickManager: so many extensions and themes, and that website is so slow (it really is), what to do? QM provides a nice UI to install plugins and themes without visiting the website. It doesn't require, but encourages that you also install JSLib, which is a prereq for alot of other plugins- might as well grab that one too.
  • Deepest Sender: This isn't so much a must-have plugin, but hey- it's the best Moz-based LJ client I've seen yet. Small, cute, and sexy. I think I'll be sticking with Logjam 90% of the time, but this one's worth checking out.
  • I'll check out Firefox when its at least to RC1... Till then, mainline Mozilla works well enough.
    • I've ended up like firefox better- the speed increase is really noticable, and the customizability is... well... whoa.

      Sadly enough, and strange but true- the Windows version is better. Part of that is the shell integration- I _still_ don't have mailto's working properly (a non-issue for mainline moz). It took some finagaling to get it properly opening external links without having it yell about profiles.

      Still, it's made it into my must-have list at this point- though I'm looking forward to RC1 with serious anticipation. Once they have that official release... I think IE is going to shit a brick- I mean seriously, has there been one decent feature improvement since 4.0? And what is it now? 6.3a update pack 3241 security fix 4336 waffle with syrup?

      The only draw it has is that it's actually very feature-light- something that keeps alot of people away from mainline moz. In the end, it's what drew me to Firefox- it may have alot of cool tweaks, but they stay out of the way.
      • IE 5 and 6 were mainly stability and standards improvements. IE 6 is actually quite good, but without integrated popup blocking and tabbed browsing, its worthless as a web browser. If they added just those two features, it might actually get me to switch back.
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